7 Types of Digital Content
Your Brand Should Be Making

By Alyssa Ortiz

In today’s world, social media and the internet play a vital role in people’s daily lives. We’re spending more time on our phones — sometimes productively, other times aimlessly scrolling — so why not provide people with content that they might actually care about?

Let’s assume your company has various social media accounts (because it’s 2021 and I think that’s a fair assumption): you have an audience that is already committed to your brand and curious to see what you’re up to, so why would you let those receptive eyes go to waste? Provide them with content that’ll capture their attention and good things will follow.

I’ve compiled a list of 7 impactful types of digital content that your company can incorporate into both content and marketing strategies. While some are simple, others take time to create, but your audience’s attention will regardless be grabbed! Creating content has never been easier, so now is the time to step up your game and really get your brand into the digital space.

  1. Blog posts 
    • Blogs are a lot like podcasts: everyone has thought about creating one before, but few people actually take the necessary steps to launch. The benefits of actively creating blog posts are great, however, and include visibility elements like SEO rankings and up-to-date social media presence. You can take a short-form route that focuses on something trending today, or go for a long-form post that incorporates outside opinions and thought leadership perspectives.
  2. Newsletters 
    • A newsletter is an easy yet effective way to reach a large audience all at once, whether it’s people in your network or new individuals you’d like to engage. Plus, it doesn’t need to be complex! Keep it simple with visuals and minimal text like we do.
  3. Live Video
    • At the peak of the pandemic, we prioritized the need to keep our brand relevant and explored what “digital media” actually means. Like many, we discovered the beauty in going live and found an easy & great way to create media and drive new traffic to our social media platforms. We gained more views from this than any other form of content, and really appreciated that each livestream could be recorded and featured for later viewing on our page. We even built out a page on our website so that the public could view our livestreams in one convenient place.
  4. Interview Series
    • Are you connected to any prominent people related to your industry with whom you can chat? Why not film a short interview series! All you need is a host and willing participants. An interview series is a great way to share thought leadership with others in similar industries or simply explore topics that interest you or your audience. 
  5. Company News
    • Let’s be real: people like bragging on social media and other people like congratulating them. Everyone’s timeline has, at some point, been flooded with people announcing their college acceptances or sharing pregnancy photos. These posts always generate crazy good engagement and inherently garner large numbers of likes and comments. The same is true for your business; when you announce something you’ve accomplished, you’ll likely get a ton of positive reactions. We get double (almost triple!) the number of likes on posts that announce awards we’ve received compared to our normal posts, so think about what kinds of good news you’ve got to share with the world. 
  6. Media Mentions
    • This type of content is a little more challenging to seek out since it’s based on others’ actions, but when these opportunities arise, take them and then share the recognition! Remember: If your audience knows you personally, it’s exciting for them to celebrate your growth and success. 
  7. Video
    • Sure, the six types of content highlighted above will yield engagement, views, and likes. But, at the end of the day, nothing compares to professional video content. Video is dynamic, engaging, and more effective than text when it comes to reaching the masses.  Whether it’s a brand video that tells your company’s story or a social media clip that gives a glimpse into your offerings, nothing beats a well-produced, carefully thought-out video.
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So, what are you waiting for? There’s an audience out there just waiting to come across captivating, organic content. All it takes is an idea and a bit of action to create opportunities and relationships that will blossom over time.