Filming Through COVID: Safety First

By William Salvi

Before our work begins, one common question our partners ask us is a variant of “How will filming be conducted with coronavirus?”  It's reasonable to be concerned about a crew coming to your office to film for several hours during a pandemic and, in response to this this concern, many companies have adopted Zoom recordings or remote filming as their best option for content creation.

With COVID-19 raging on, companies are still looking for creative ways to produce marketing content and remain interested in doing so with outside experts physically coming into their office.  In most cases, Salvi Media typically sends video or photography crews to locations (offices, set locations or studios) to produce content for brands and their respective marketing efforts.

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Our team filming safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic

To be clear, it’s vitally important for all parties to be safe.  Selfishly, I don’t want COVID, nor do I want my employees or crew to get it (I need them!), and I certainly don’t want my clients and partners to get COVID.  Who wants to call a client and tell them they might be sick? Not me.  Still, you should be open to creating content with creative agencies. 

Take it from Zach Dulla, CEO of Doola Creative Shop and Indoor Drone Tours, “There are ways to produce content safely if the right precautions are taken. Businesses need to be creating content and increasing their digital presence more than ever while everyone is at home. It's up to the business and clients to collaborate and find a safe way to do that.”

We’ve taken necessary steps to stay safe since the pandemic began.  After all, a chunk of our business relies on in-person activity. Here are some steps we’ve taken to ensure that we are able to produce content in-person, while also keeping the COVID risk low:

  • Wear masks: all of our crew members are required to wear masks, wherever the filming is occurring.  Even if our clients don’t mind if they’re on or off, our crews will have masks on at all times. 
  • Distancing: It’s not always easy, but we try our best to remain socially distanced from one another.  We also *try* to use equipment that won’t require too much touching or close proximity (like the microphone used in the above photo).
  • Sanitizing all equipment: We routinely sanitize our equipment prior to the filming and after the filming is done.
  • Got Symptoms? We are conscious of our teams health and if they are experiencing any symptoms of the virus, we are transparent with our clients.  We also don’t want you to hurt our crew if you aren’t feeling well. 
  • Testing: We’ve had our team take COVID tests prior to filming to make sure we are virus-free.  Need us to take a test prior to filming? No problem.

Guy Bauer, founder and creative director of Umault, a video marketing agency in Chicago, says, “We wouldn't film if we thought it was unsafe. In fact, we've cancelled a shoot because we wouldn't be able to social distance properly due to lack of ventilation. We follow AICP's guidelines and to-date have had no outbreaks on our sets. We now have COVID compliance officers on all of our sets.”

You see, we want to be safe just as much as our clients or prospective clients.  We don’t want you or ourselves to be like Dwight Schrute. We will be as safe as we possibly can if you want us to come into your office to produce content for your brand.