Remote working and productivity series

Networking Tips for Virtual Events: Part 1

By Victoria Harmon

It’s no secret that there has been a drastic shift towards the digital world due to the current global pandemic, and we at Salvi Media know what it takes to create an effective digital presence. One of our latest endeavors as a creative video agency, The Viewer, has allowed us to connect with the Salvi Media audience and highlight our preferred digital platforms, as well as showcase how we embraced and mastered video conferencing before the shelter-in-place order was enacted.  We’ve found that, while the setup may seem easy, there are several small details in preparation that can make or break your first virtual networking event. If you have yet to embrace the transition towards digital networking, rest assured — it’s never too late to start.

Networking while adjusting to the current professional environment is imperative to individuals who want to stay dynamic in the workforce. You can still effectively network when you have a goal in mind, and more often than not your connections (both new & existing) will surpass your expectations.  While face-to-face interfacing is a thing of the past (at least for now), this new era of networking is replete with exciting opportunities to quickly make connections with a much wider span of people than traditional methods allowed.  So, what’s our biggest piece of advice as you adjust to new networking norms?  You must prepare to make your time count.

Here are some tips to prepare for your next livestream event:

  1. Internet connection: Make sure you’re connected to a strong and secure network. Disable or pause all downloads and apps to improve your streaming quality, since frozen screens are cringe-worthy and irritating for both you and your fellow networkers.

  2. Battery: Charge your device prior to the event and make sure a charger cable is readily available.  The stream will almost inevitably drain your battery, and you don’t want to drop out or fumble for your power source. 

  3. Audio quality: Always test the quality of your audio to ensure that others will hear you loud & clear.  Your environment matters, so remember that high ceilings lose sound waves into dead space and hard surfaces reflect sounds.  One way to circumvent audio obstacles is to plug in a microphone or use a wireless headset.  Pro-Tip: Mute yourself when others speak and un-mute your microphone before you speak to avoid sharing any unnecessary background noises.

  4. Video quality and virtual appearance: Place your camera in a stationary, stable location. Test and assess the quality of your picture, and make sure your camera is pointing at a suitable angle; you want to look good, so imagine you are framing your own headshot. Note: Lighting from behind you makes your picture look dark & shadowy, whereas light coming from behind the camera highlights your facial features.

  5. Establish the goal(s) of your pursuit: Are you pursuing a new client? Looking to learn about a new digital creative service? In search of inspiration to create a new app?  Whatever your mission, develop a clearly stated motive to help stay productive and on track.

  6. Determine your unique value: Co-Founder of Salvi Media, Christopher Salvi, is a huge believer in being yourself. If you know exactly how to communicate what you bring to the table in under 60 seconds, the right people will be drawn to you.

  7. Read the room: Assess the audience to adapt your approach. Be a great listener, and ask meaningful questions that genuinely interact with what others have said.

  8. Chatting on the side: When you would like to connect with a specific person, feel free to send them a private message in the chatbox, but be careful to not address the entire networking session or lose focus on the event.

  9. Stay connected: Establish multiple lines of communication to stay connected after your first meeting, and cater your connection method to your particular professional or social prospect (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or professional email address, etc).

  10. Don’t strive for perfection: As long as we are all in the same boat, you might as well positively embrace this journey of discovery & learning.

What’s next? Get to it! Prepare yourself to network with purpose, follow these steps, and send me your feedback — I’d love to hear from you! 

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