Producing Digital Media During a Pandemic

by William Salvi

Over the last 9 months, I’ve gained a heightened awareness of digital content that is at my disposal. I assume my screen time (television, computer, tablets, phone) has increased significantly during the pandemic. I enjoy consuming content that fits my current interests and sparks curiosity for new topics, people, and stories. One thing is clear during the pandemic: digital media is thriving. 


We watch a lot of ‘stuff’ now.  On YouTube, websites, Netflix, Instagram, Disney+, Tik Tok, you name it.  You, the reader, watched a lot of content in the last 10 months, which is why I am writing this blog. Whether you’re a business owner, brand consultant, digital marketer, or freelancer, you should produce digital media during the pandemic.  

Take it from Chicago-based Producer Mike Schmiedeler: “Because of the pandemic, people have more free time on their hands that is mostly relegated to staying at home, than at any point in recent history.  Likewise, more people have the means to view content through television, computer, and mobile than at any point in human history.  This intersection of very unique circumstances is a huge opportunity for those of us who produce original content.”  

In other words, more time is spent ‘online’ right now than usual and everyone should take advantage of that. Here’s how you can start.


5 Tips for Producing Digital Content

All companies are different and people possess a variety of creative skills to varying degrees, but here are 5 simple tips that will help anyone create more digital content for yourself or your company:

  • Define your Goal: What’s your goal? More sales? Brand awareness? Introducing yourself to leads? More followers/engagement? Define your goal. Create content to assist in accomplishing that goal.  
  • Don’t be Afraid to Produce: Produce digital media and post it to various platforms. Video, blog, podcast, etc. Put it out there and build off the feedback. What’s the worst that can happen
  • Rely on Creative Experts: If you do have a budget for your business or brand, use it for creating professional-grade content. Develop a strategy, work with creative experts, and develop partnerships that will help push your brand’s message or goal. 
  • Utilize the Technology you DO Have:  If you have limited resources to create content, utilize the technology you do have.  iPhone’s shoot in 4k and have editing software, most computers are capable of using some amazing creative software for design, websites, blogs, video, and more. 
  • Create More, Not Less: Since we are living in a digital age, the key is to create a lot of digital content. Don’t waste time by posting 1 video and expecting it to go viral.  Post multiple with similar messages and use them on different platforms. 


"It's never been easier to write and record. Anyone working from home has already carved out a workstation. With a bit more equipment, it can evolve into a mini-studio” said Andy Crestodina, the Co-Founder and CMO at Orbit Media.  


Salvi Media has run a full-court press on producing digital media and bringing unique strategies to the table, and I attribute a lot of our overall success to our original content.  Since the start of the pandemic, we have released two new video series, Chicago CEO’s + Phone Eats First, ramped up our newsletter and blog, started a podcast, created multiple social media live stream shows, and we continue to create content based on a variety of topics, initiatives, and goals. 


Benefits of Producing Digital Content


As a media company, it comes naturally to us.  We have the infrastructure, team, and knowledge to create digital content faster and more efficiently than other companies that aren’t in this space.  But you can and should do it, too.  Here are some benefits to producing digital content:

  •  Brand Awareness – Nothing spreads a brand message better than consistent content around that message.
  • Improved audience experience – Give the people what they want! If they are on your website or social page, don’t bore them. 
  • Increase social media engagement – Quality content will help your business gain traction online. Videos perform the best. 
  • Lead generation – If people know your work and what you do, it can generate leads.  Content can assist with this.
  • Enhance SEO efforts and online authority – With a clear content strategy, your online authority will increase. 


In sales? Utilize digital media to educate, introduce yourself, or prospect new clients.  Brand strategist? Utilize digital media to push a brand message, inform the customer base, or highlight special deals. CEO, executive, or business owner? Utilize digital media to push your brand or message clients about new services or initiatives. The benefits of creating digital content are extensive and as the workforce continues to go digital, these benefits will expand.  Now, go create something!