A Day in the Life:

Client Videos for Legal Use


Why “A Day in the Life” Videos?

Salvi Media understands that Day in the Life videos are an extremely impactful way to showcase your plaintiff’s injuries and life-changing damages.

A well-produced video grants the jury insight into the plaintiff’s post-injury living conditions and their need for special care and equipment.  These videos historically lead to larger settlements and more favorable rulings since jurors and other relevant parties actually see the reality of your client’s post-injury life.  

 Day in the Life video can accurately convey the victim’s pain and suffering to the judge, jury, and defendants while emphasizing your client’s struggle and the impact of their injury or loss. 

By clearly showing your client’s daily activities, a well-made Day In the Life video can impart an understanding of their life and how they have been affected by injury, illness, and pain.

Portions of Day In the Life videos may, in fact, be used to reinforce the testimony of expert witnesses during your client’s trial.

Day in the Life Videos need not be standalone and can be used to progressively establish a timeline.  They can document the plaintiff over an extended period of time and demonstrate your client’s pain and suffering over the course of treatment and incremental elements of recovery. Video documentation is most effective if commenced soon after the injury and continued in stages until the conclusion of the case. 

Man holding camera with two hands

Day In The Life videos can also bolster arguments for damages like pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and impact on family caretakers. These videos can be used at trial, mediation, and other relevant legal proceedings.