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➢ Buying an NFT at Salvi Media is easy!
1. Register with your name and email
2. Bid on our digital art by placing a bid and validating your credit card (there’s no charge here, this just prevents spam bids)
3. If you’re the winning bidder, you’ll receive an email notifying you that you have won
4. Salvi Media will contact you for the address that you would like to receive your NFT. If you need more info on getting a wallet and generating an address, see more info below.
5. Once we’ve received your wallet address, we transfer you the NFT.

➢ Salvi Media can transfer NFT ownership to any standard Ethereum NFT-capable wallet. These wallets are typically free to download and activate. The number one advice: never give your private keys to anyone. Giving someone your private keys is the same as giving them all your funds and collectibles.
With that out of the way, here’s a list of wallets that have NFT capabilities on the Ethereum Network:

Coinbase Wallet – this wallet easily links to your Coinbase account and is available for mobile phones and as a web browser extension for Google Chrome. Here’s a how-to video for downloading and using the Coinbase wallet:
Download the mobile version here:

MetaMask Wallet – this wallet is popular for desktop / laptop computers. Versions are available for Google Chrome, Android and IOS. Check out their how-to video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIGUC9JAAw8
Metamask can be downloaded here:

Trust Wallet – this wallet is a swiss-army knife, you can buy crypto, track prices, and store and view your NFTs all without leaving the app. Here’s a how-to guide for downloading and using the Trust Wallet:
Here’s where you can download the trust wallet:

➢ Yes, once you have ownership of an NFT, you can gift it our transfer it to anyone else with an Ethereum wallet, just follow the same process as sending funds to another wallet, i.e. have the receiving wallet create an address for the token, and copy that address using the send function of your wallet. Check out the tutorial videos above for a walk-through on sending and receiving using your wallet of choice.
➢ Metamask Mobile Wallet also published this guide to transferring NFTs via their mobile app:
Sending an NFT (which is an ERC-721 token) in MetaMask is very similar to sending a cryptocurrency token (which is an ERC-20 token). Currently, this functionality should only be attempted in MetaMask Mobile.
1. Make sure you have enough gas for the transaction
2. Tap on the ‘NFTs’ tab
3. Tap on the icon of the NFT you wish to send
4. Tap on the ‘send’ button at the bottom of the screen
5. Enter the address you wish to send it to, hit ‘Next’, and follow the standard transaction prompts

➢ Currently we only accept payment in US dollars, but support for various cryptocurrency payments is coming soon.

➢ An NFT – or Non-Fungible Token – is an electronic token that represents ownership or authenticity of a unique asset, be it digital art, photos, videos, video game items etc. The reason they are called “non-fungible” is to differentiate them from “fungible” assets, like currency, which are interchangeable. An easier example is to think of a dollar – it can be traded for any other dollar – they’re all the same. A piece of art on the other hand, is unique and not interchangeable in the same way.

➢ An NFT is a digital token that represents ownership and authenticity of the item represented. They have really taken off in art, music, sports and collectables as fans increasingly need to be able to verify authenticity of the item being purchased or traded.

➢ From Ethereum.org – “Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency, ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications.” Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and decentralized computing network, which uses smart contracts to enable creation of NFTs, decentralized finance, and all kinds of emerging technologies.

➢ ERC-721 is the standard by which NFTs are coded into the Ethereum Network. It’s basically a standardized file format that allows NFTs to be traded across multiple platforms. Check out more info here: https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/standards/tokens/erc-721/

➢ The recent growth of the NFT market has been explosive. No one knows whether this will continue, or at what rate, especially as the technology and markets are so new.