Virtual Reality

Co-founder and producer at Salvi Media, William Salvi discusses virtual reality with co-founder and CTO of InContext Solutions, Tracey Wiedmeyer. They explore the past, present, and future of the virtual world and how it will influence business and daily life.



Will: I'm with Tracey Wiedmeyer. He is the chief technology officer with InContext and today we're going to be talking about virtual reality.

Will: Why don't you start off by telling me a little bit about InContext and what you do here.

About InContext

Tracey: Sure. So InContext Solutions has a mixed reality platform for enterprise. So our customers are the largest brands in the world so Coke, Kraft, Walmart, Home Depot. That flavor of customer. And we provide a merchandising platform in 3D with virtual reality allows them to take concepts to market.

What is the Future of VR

Tracey: I think the trend in the future is going to be mobile headsets so untethered. You don't have to carry along a laptop with you or a gaming rig and then lower cost, right, so it's kind of a race to the bottom in terms of higher graphics performance, less cost.

What Comes After VR?

Will: What is the threat to virtual reality or what is that next thing?

Tracey: The next coming of VR to me is still all around personalization. So, you've had videos for decades, right? You had TV in the 50's so you know you've always had video type of thing. I think in the future you get to be a part of your own video.

Are Movies Like Ready Player One Realistic?

Tracey: I think it's realistic in probably before 2050. Maybe a little sooner. So there's a couple things happening. One is all the mapping of the brain - understand neuron connections. I think that's key to fake your brain out and push information back in. Graphics compute and all the new headsets are getting to a point where they're reaching visual clarity so you're not necessarily going to know what's real or what's not real.

Are You For Or Against People Wearing A Headset All Day?

Tracey: I don't know if I've made my mind up there yet. I think it's going to happen to me so why not figure out where you can leverage that to enjoy it.

Will: The best way to do it. Yeah.

Tracey: And if you want to go out in the real world outside, go do that. But I think there's a future where you don't... you don't necessarily know. Right? I think that's the point is you follow this trail. You know you go down the blue pill, the red pill. Whichever route you go there's a path where you just don't know. And that's a reality.

Red Pill Or Blue Pill?

Will: Red pill or blue pill? Which one's the one where you exit the Matrix?

Tracey: I think blue pill exits, red pill goes-

Will: You stay with it. I'm staying with it.

Tracey: I'm staying with it as well. (laughs)

Tracey: Absolutely.

Will: Yeah, I want to keep experiencing this fun stuff. I don't know why...Who wants to go fight the machine?

Tracey: Right? It's a losing battle.

Next Episode

Andy: The future for websites is less traffic.

Will: Interesting.