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Engage, enrich and entertain your global audience.

Why Virtual Events?

Access a new audience. Maybe there are global travel restrictions. Or maybe crowds aren’t their thing. By creating a virtual event, you tap into an audience who has so far been unable to access your content.

Reduce costs. No more catering overages. No more venue fees. Even travel costs disappear. With a virtual vent, your entire budget is for content production, audience engagement, and lead generation.

Reduce risks. Traffic jams, delayed flights, and sudden sicknesses have a way of thwarting your best-laid plans. With a virtual event, your plan goes off without a hitch.

Livestream Events Chicago

Whatever your virtual production need, Salvi Media is here to help.


An experienced Virtual Producer will host your meeting, providing a video conference platform for up to 50 users. We’ll stream that meeting out to the platform of your choice.


Elevate your audience’s experience with live graphics, social media call-outs, chats, Q&A, polls, and other interactive engagement tools.


With our dedicated team of virtual production experts, we’ll create and host a virtual conference that delights your audience. Create a stunning experience that turns your audience into your fans.

Live Stream Services

Livestreaming is the perfect platform for holding conferences, launching new products, and interacting with your customers.

When you livestream your event, you reduce the risks and costs associated with in-person events while connecting with your audience immediately.

Our team at Salvi media is here to create your livestream vision and ensure your audience has the best experience possible. 

Virtual Events Chicago

Why You Should Be Livestreaming

Livestreaming is becoming one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, and chances are, your best customers are already interacting with live video content.

What does this mean for your brand?

Consider some of the advantages of livestreaming your events.

Livestreaming gives your audiences the ability to hear brand new information and news immediately. Whether it's a new product announcement, a breaking story, or a recent development, livestreaming lets you connect with audiences with no delay. You can engage your audiences and encourage their interaction and participation during livestreams, which is great for creating a community, building trust, and increasing brand awareness in your networks.

Livestreaming can also give your brand a broader reach, from national audiences to global markets. This makes it easier for audiences to connect with your brand and find value in your offerings, which can help you build relationships with new clients and keep your loyal fans.

Livestream and Virtual Events

Are you planning to stream a meeting, conference, or live event, like a new product promotion? 

Go virtual with our livestream services to help you widen your network, access new audiences, and reduce the costs and risks associated with live, in-person production, such as talent arriving on time and the costs of filming equipment. Our team will help you make your content easily accessible over the platforms you choose and get audiences excited about attending your virtual event.

From planning and staging to optimizing your brand's message for promotion, Salvi Media specializes in producing crisp and clean content so you don't have to worry about details like venue, lighting, or audio and video quality. We use our own tech and equipment, meaning you can leave those particulars to us. For your livestream, we can either visit you at your event venue, or you can bring your event to our studio, where we'll take care of equipment setup and streamline the upload to your preferred networks and channels.

Livestream on Your Preferred Channels

At Salvi Media, we tailor our livestream services to the goals you set for your live event and help you stream to the channels you want. We'll help you develop your script, clarify the value proposition for your target audience, and get your followers excited to tune in. Stream to your favorite social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, or work with us on your professional livestream project for private and business channels.

When you work with us, we'll help you promote your event ahead of time to get your audience excited. If you're livestreaming for business events, let us help with the planning process by outlining the main goals that will help you stay focused on what's important during your stream. Our video and tech team will ensure your livestreams flawlessly and seamlessly so your audience can see and hear you clearly.

Stay Engaged With Live Audiences

We can help you plan out a regular livestream update schedule so you can stay connected and in touch with your clients. Do you hold regular business meetings and conferences with partners, colleagues, and teammates? Our team will help you plan the details and update your key members for every event to ensure everyone is ready to go on the day of your livestream. 

At Salvi, we combine our expertise with your brand's message to help you use the moments after your livestream to get insight to integrate into future livestreams to boost your appeal to target audiences. We'll help you navigate the analytics to find out what your viewers love so you can create more of it.

When you make livestream events part of your regular online content, you get audiences more excited about what you have to offer. Share your ideas with our team, and we'll help you develop strategies that keep your audiences coming back to see you.

Why Choose Salvi Media for Your Livestream Events?

When you work with us, we'll work together to establish your livestream goals, help you form your livestream content ideas, plan out promotional approaches, and get the production process started. We develop projects using a three-phase production process to create the perfect media for achieving your goals.

Our team is experienced with the tech and hardware necessary to make your livestream video or event dynamic. When you use our livestream services, you'll be working with a team with a collective background in business, project management, technology, cinematography, and marketing. Our passion is our work, and with us, you can be confident knowing your project is as personal to us as it is to you.

Salvi Media is your go-to company for developing video content and marketing campaigns. Our services help you get audiences talking about your brand, interacting with your content, and becoming loyal fans and customers. We're passionate about our clients and dedicated to achieving results.

We offer a range of video production services to accompany your livestream event. Along with your livestreams, our team can develop marketing videos to heighten your brand's awareness. Our SEO experts monitor your content's traffic to develop tailored marketing strategies. Are you interested in seeing our past work? At Salvi, we have produced a range of diverse video projects, including those with clients and our own unique originals.

Collaborate With Us

Explore what our services can do for your brand! Come visit us in Chicago, or consult with us virtually. 

At Salvi Media, we take your project personally and are committed to producing high-quality and carefully crafted video content. Whether it's a single livestream event or you need a venue, extra equipment, and video marketing for long-term projects, Salvi Media has you covered.

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