Asking questions. Collecting data. Learning. Collaborating.
A true creative partnership creating measurable results.

Collaborate to Connect

Salvi Media is your partner in Digital Media Problem Solving. We learn as much as we can about your business, your mission, and your audience to create a true empathic understanding of your needs. That’s the first step.

From there we work with you to create a comprehensive problem solving strategy. This involves a comprehensive audit of:

  • Your Goals
  • Your Budget
  • Your Timeline
  • Your Next Steps

We create more than a stopgap solution. We work with you to create a sustainable story-telling engine.

Photo shoot equipment

Building Your Content Marketing Strategy

What’s your brand? What’s your story? Where do you want to be when this campaign ends? How does it interlock with the next campaign? Where do you want to be at the end of the year?

These questions (and many more) help us to build the foundation for a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our digital marketing consultation services help us answer those questions and create a holistic campaign around videos, live streaming, photography, social media, and more.

It’s not about one video; It’s about measuring results to continually improve strategies. It’s about finding the best ways to advance your brand and tell your story. We will be your partner in executing a comprehensive content marketing strategy.


Data-Driven Strategies That Create Real ROI

We understand business, and know that you have metrics to fulfill and KPIs to crush. Salvi Media’s creative strategies result from our data-driven approach to accomplishing client goals, creating measurable results that can be used to enhance and improve performance moving forward.

A product you can be proud of. ROI you can brag about.

It’s a beautiful partnership.

Time to Create

Once there’s a strategy, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Here’s where the magic happens.


A talented team of producers will work to plan the project, hammer out the details, and assemble the team to execute on your vision.

Creative Discovery & Consulting

We want to hear everything about your project:

  • What is your message?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you need this video to accomplish?
  • What’s your idea?

Don’t have an idea? No problem. Our creative team will work with you to create something special.

Script-Writing & Storyboarding

Just like an architect draws a blueprint, we script out the whole video from start to finish and storyboard each shot so we know exactly what we need when filming starts.

Equipment Booking & Studio Booking

We approach project management by coordinating equipment, actors, and spaces. All you need to do is show up when we tell you to!

Talent (Acting + Voice Overs)

You worry about making what you make. Let us deal with finding the voice and acting talent, background music, and so on.

Good preparation saves you time and money, so we frontload the details of every project to produce a video that tells the story only you can tell.


Time to get the cameras rolling! We’ll take everything we learned from pre-production to bring your video to life.

Set Design

 Your office may not be the best place to shoot your video—or it may be an almost perfect location. Either way, our team attends to all the details of the set to make sure it serves the story perfectly.

Film and Audio Capture

We bring in the equipment we need to get the highest quality video and audio for your project.

Crew and Talent Directing

Our directors know how to coordinate everyone to have a smooth, safe, efficient, and fun shoot.


From “Action” to “That’s a wrap!”

Production is planned so that we meet your schedule, meet your budget, and blow your expectations out of the water.


Our expert editors will do their magic on every shot of your video, piecing together something unique for you to share with the world.


We create and source dynamic, colorful graphics to illustrate and support your message.

Color and Sound Correction

If you hear someone say, “We’ll fix it in post,” this is what they mean.

Stock Footage and Photos

When necessary, we insert other media to enhance your story beyond what we can shoot on site.

Media Storage

All the media we collect is stored and backed up on Salvi’s secure servers. You’ll never need to worry about losing footage.


We’ll give you a clean, final cut of your video project and can offer guidance on effective distribution strategies and channels.

Excited to get rolling? So are we.

We’re going to ask a lot of questions, so here’s the first one: are you ready to create?