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Chicago CEOs

Chicago CEO’s was an internal video marketing campaign we produced. The series profiles top-level executives in Chicago, asking them questions ranging from business and entrepreneurship to personal interests.

 Project Snapshot

Salvi Media set out to create an engaging business focused content marketing campaign used to entice potential clients. It has morphed into sought after thought-leadership content that has been Emmy nominated and featured on Entrepreneur Media’s OTT platforms. The CEO Series aims to humanize the prominent CEO, providing an inside look to how he or she operates within their organization and gathering their thoughts on a variety of personal, leadership, and business topics.

5-10 min episodes; all of which feature a prominent Chicago CEO.

Features from Tom Ricketts, Chairman of the Chicago Cubs, Jerry Reinsdorf, Chairman of the Chicago Bulls/White Sox, Katlin Smith, CEO of Simple Mills, Kevin Boehm, Co-CEO of Boka Restaurant Group, and Steven Galanis, CEO of CAMEO.

Each episode was filmed in 1 half day and took about 60 minutes of each of the subjects time. The rest was up to us to fill in the gaps.

The Challenge

Our goal was to feature the most prominent CEO’s we could find. Featuring prominent Chicago executives makes it difficult to navigate busy schedules. Along with that, this project was self-funded, so we did not want to exceed our budget or make any decisions that didn’t make sense from a financial standpoint.

Our Approach

The subjects of these videos were the main component of each video. Our goal was to make sure we found the most interesting subjects we could find and expand on that. Since this project was entirely owned by Salvi Media, we had full control on what we could do with the project. We wanted to showcase our talents with this blank canvas!


Season One Episodes

Jerry Reinsdorf

Owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox

Tom Ricketts

Chairman of the Chicago Cubs

Kaitlin Smith

CEO of Simple Mills

Steven Galanis

CEO of Cameo

Ed Wehmer

CEO of Wintrust

Kevin Boehm

Co-Founder of Boka Restaurant Group

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