Our Work

Chicago Housing Authority

Project Snapshot

The Chicago Housing Authority is a municipal not-for-profit corporation that provides homes to more than 63,000 households while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods throughout the city. We were chosen by a PR Firm, PCI Communications, to serve as their video partner for a PSA video on their language and translation services.

The Challenge

The Chicago Housing Authority serves many senior residents. Out of those senior residents, many of them are multicultural and have diverse backgrounds. The Chicago Housing Authority needed a video that would let those residents know how they can be of service to them through language and translation assistance. The challenge we faced for this project was creating a PSA that would resonate and be digestible for the senior residents, but also attractive enough for partners and community members to be impressed with.

Our Approach

The client was very specific about the goal of this video, so we prepared extensively in pre-production with concepts, a storyboard, and shot list. This needed to include a variety of broll shots, a clear voiceover, the right music guiding it, proper graphics, and adding a more personable feel to it. The idea of interviewing a real senior resident transformed this video to something relatable for the audience.

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