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Foodie Series

Project Snapshot

This Salvi Chicago series was created as an internal marketing campaign to help increase brand awareness for Salvi Media. This five (5) episode series focuses on a one host eating her way through restaurants in Chicago joined by an influential foodie that gives the host a behind the scenes glimpse into what they do followed by a challenge.

  • Phone Eats First is a five episode series following Chicago Food Influencers
  • We partnered with these influencers by providing them a free video in exchange for exposure on their social media

Our Impact

This series yielded hundreds of views (total of 2,354 views) and gained us a handful of followers on our social media platforms. We’ve also had someone from two of the restaurant groups we filmed at reach out to learn more about our services. These went live March of 2020, yet we still gain views on this daily.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was making sure that these videos served a greater purpose than to simply exist on our social media outlets. We wanted these videos to make a measurable and meaningful impact on our social media platform as well as for the influencers. Another challenge we faced was coordinating with the influencers and restaurant groups. It took extreme organization and follow up to confirm all subjects/locations, as there were many time adjustments and reschedules.

Our Approach

We chose to partner with five (5) Chicago food influencers as guests on each episode. The partnership included one (1) video spotlighting the influencer in exchange for social media promotion on their personal platforms. We required tagging of Salvi Media, pre-promotion, and day of promoting. This approach made sure that these videos served a greater purpose and we’re visible to a new audience. In regards to organization, our producer created timelines and agendas outlining the details of each film day. We remained in heavy communication with the restaurant group as well for last minute changes.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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