Our Work

Fromm Beauty

Fromm International is a beauty product company based in Chicago.

Project Snapshot

Fromm International partnered with Salvi Media to work on a video marketing campaign to promote specific beauty products. We were tasked to created video content for those products, which were targeted to beauty professionals and consumers.

15 total videos; including testimonials, how-to-use, product and social media advertisements

Two 15-hour film days in a studio with actors, models, make-up artists and photographers.

Multi-purpose usage for all videos created, videos ranged from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge in this project was timing. We were approached for a last-minute campaign focused on promoting multiple hair brushes, packages and techniques one could incorporate into their beauty regime. We had 1 week to plan 15 videos, all with various purposes. The creative team that worked on this project worked tirelessly in pre-production to make sure we could execute on our vision. Our team went through 2 vigorous 15 hour film days and multiple-week edit to ensure the products looked spectacular on camera and the videos were successful for the campaign.

Our Approach

This project required heavy pre-production planning in a short amount of time, from a detailed shot-list to a carefully-edited script. We worked with our creative team to ensure the film plan was solidified and walked through the plans with the Fromm team to execute on our production day. Once we gathered all necessary footage, we began the editing process and worked closely with our client over the next couple of weeks to deliver the final videos.

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