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Narvona is a Michigan-based natural cannabis grower focused on purity.

Project Snapshot

Since the legalization of marijuana, there has been an increase in competition, so Narvona hired Salvi Media to complete a full brand video campaign to increase brand awareness as well as short videos to showcase their most popular products.

The Challenge

Narvona’s challenge wasn’t in their product; but making others aware that their product exists and what their product is about. This company was solely focused on purity of their product and being a luxury cannabis brand. We wanted to make a successful brand campaign that would help drive brand awareness, and in the long run, sales for Narvona.

Our Approach

Our approach to this campaign started at finding out who their demographic is and finding out what they care about. What kind of video would be most impactful? What would garner attention on social media? We went with a video using strong, beautiful visuals of the product and operations combined with a voiceover to match what luxury sounds like to their brand.

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