Our Work

North & Vine

North + Vine is a luxury apartment building in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

Project Snapshot

Salvi Media was hired to produce a branding video and 3 social media advertisement videos for an up-and-coming luxury apartment building. North + Vine had already done a soft-opening but were preparing to open the building up to the entire market and needed video content to promote the building, amenities and design.

Filmed 3 months after the Covid pandemic began, had to navigate around the early stages of closures.

2 half-days of filming, over 10 subjects included in the videos.

10-15 second video advertisements ran on Instagram and Facebook for their social media marketing campaign.

The Challenge

We partnered with a branding agency, real estate company and North + Vine to produce these videos. We were brought in to develop the videos from concept to completion but had to make sure all parties voices were being heard. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate multiple partnerships in a given project, but this turned out great and we had a lot of trust and synergy throughout the project.

Our Approach

Our video production team had to make a strict shot list, film day agenda and storyboard in our pre-production phase. Since we had around 10 people participating in the video as subjects, it was imperative that the logistical plan was strong. The building itself is new, modern and luxurious. It was important that our production team understood that these videos had to be visually appealing. We took this to heart and created one of our most visually stimulating videos.

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