Our Work

Paw Paper

Paw Paper is the world’s first 100% edible wrapping paper made specifically for dogs! It’s made with an all-natural potato starch, natural flavoring, and edible ink.

Project Snapshot

Salvi Media was hired to produce a 30 second product video with the goal of spreading brand awareness and highlighting the best uses for the product.

The Challenge

We had 1 day to film this 30 second video and 4 dogs that were not trained for camera. Although a lot of planning went into this production, having the non-actor dogs as the stars was challenging and the barking was distracting at times. But, dogs are the best and everyone had a great time with them on set.

Our Approach

Our video production team came in with the goal of capturing all shots in our shot list followed by gathering as much extra footage as we could, just in case. With untrained dogs and a modest budget, we needed to check all of our boxes before finalizing the film day. This provided us with plenty of material to work with when we started to edit the video. With a lot of help from treats on set, we were able to get a lot of fun shots for the video and we had a talented video editor piece together a successful video that now lives on their website and Amazon.

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