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Reyes Holdings

Reyes Holdings is an American foodservice wholesaler and distributor that ranked as the 8th largest privately held company in the United States in 2020, with annual revenue of $27.8 billion. It operates in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Project Snapshot

Salvi Media pitched Reyes Holdings on creating a video-series to promote safety in their workplace. Reyes Holdings has over 30,000 employees, all of which are required to adhere to safety guidelines. Salvi Media produced an 8-part comedy series that focused on one safety message per episode.

8-part safety series, all videos ranging from 60-90 seconds.

Each video had a comedic tone with a different safety message as the main theme

4 days of filming centered around warehouses, trucks and corporate offices!

The Challenge

Salvi Media pitched the idea that this series would be a comedy, which is a difficult task when maintaining safety as the underlying message. We decided that our main character, Safetyman, would be the one violating all of the safety protocols, while the employees of Reyes Holdings were the ones who followed them correctly. This allowed us to be goofier in the script because Safetyman was the one failing the safety check and allowed for people to make fun of him vs the employees.

Our Approach

First, we had to develop the right script and shot list. Something that worked for Reyes Holdings and made sense with regards to a proper safety message. Second, we needed an actor to portray “Safetyman” (main character) in a comedic way. Once we had those aspects of the production solidified, the rest was up to us to make sure the script came to life! We had a talented post-production crew and the videos were a success within the organization.


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