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Timbredio is a streaming music service built for personalized discovery while directly empowering the artistic community.

Project Snapshot

Timbredio approached us to create a brand video that represents what the company does: bring local musical talent to music listeners. This company had recently got off the ground and we wanted to tell the brand story with 4 videos representing their musical artists.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge for this project was making sure the creative vision could come to life with the budget we were given. Like any project, we had to get creative with how we allocated the budget and how we filmed the entire process.

Our Approach

Our approach to the challenge was to get creative with that budget by utilizing locations, people and ‘skeleton’ crew that could execute on the videos. Instead of hiring actors, we used our network to have people stand in for shots. Instead of booking a studio or location to film at, we made the gorgeous city of Chicago our film location. We found unique spaces downtown, in alleys, and by the riverwalk to make it more visually stimulating.

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