Search Engine Optimization

Co-founder and producer at Salvi Media, William Salvi discusses search engine optimization and search engines with CEO of SearchLab, Mark Bealin. William and Mark discuss search engine optimizations, search engines, and hyper targeted ads and how they influence the digital marketing landscape.


About SearchLab Chicago

Will: Why don't you tell me a little bit about SearchLab Chicago and what you guys do?

Mark: Sure. We're a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and paid search and web development. We really mainly work with small to medium sized businesses predominantly here in Chicagoland, including Northwest Indiana.

Mark: The main thing that we try to do is help your top-line. So we're trying to add more revenue to your business with these programs that we set up and the campaigns we have. The idea isn't just to get traffic to your site, it's really to get more customers to your business, turn traffic into leads, sales and ultimately revenue for these small businesses.

Whats Next for Search Engine Optimization?

Will: How is it all shifting? Because I know, at least in the lens of video, things are shifting more towards live video or 360 or the virtual reality or augmented reality and videos included in that. So what in your industry, what is it shifting towards or leaning towards?

Mark: Like a really easy example would be if you were and somebody used to search for "What's the seven day forecast in Chicago?" Google would list the number of websites, among them probably and you would get the traffic from that.

Will: Yeah. If you do that today, now they'll just show you the seven day forecast. You get no clicks. So it's a zero click search. And so this has become like really interesting. A lot of the local level, a lot of these knowledge panels give you all the information about a business you want.

So if you typed in SearchLab Chicago or Salvi Media, you would probably see their phone number, their hours of operation, their reviews. For restaurants you'd see the menu items. You'd see busy times to wait. You'd see information that's like probably even better than what's on their website.

Mark: So, you don't always have to click.

Targeted Ads

Mark: I think...In the next ten years, I do think

there's going to be this boom and bust cycle for ads. And people are going to want something they can trust more. And I think you're looking at being able to do that well and starting now is really important.

Will: What about the way they use these ads? So like the way they target? Or the way they get the information?

Mark: It's really much easier than you'd think to like fingerprint somebody. So it's like, you only need like two data points to get it down to like 99% chance

Will: Right. Which are what? What are those?

Mark: So like I want to find out your laptop, your phone and your tablet. Whatever. And I want to say, "This is Will Salvi. Anytime he's on my website, let's fingerprint him." - is the term. So I want to serve him certain things. So if I know your Wi-Fi is at work, your Wi-Fi at home, how many devices really login to those two things?

Will: Just a few, yeah.

Mark: There's like 99% chance that's you, right?

Will: So now we can-

Mark: Now they can serve you better ads, yeah.

Will: Interesting.

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