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Antonin Lelievre


Antonin Lelievre

Antonin is a Director and Cinematographer at Salvi Media and has been with the company since the inception.

Antonin hails from France but has worked around the world using his cinematography skills. He is fluent in French, English and Mandarin Chinese. Antonin has an awarded advertising background and has worked as a creative director with Leo Burnett, JWT and McCann.

On the production side, Antonin has worked on projects with Nike, Lincoln, Microsoft, JLL, among others. He represented Illinois as lead Videographer for Jared Leto’s documentary “A Day in the Life of America” and other artists in the music industry.

During his free time he produces his own films and music videos (Ode (The Place to be, 2011 – Scalp, 2013 – Jonathan Irving, 2016 – The Giants, 2022, Ode to the Obsolete, 2014, Prescription, 2015, Tangerine, 2020), is an active gamer, and is currently learning Kendo.

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