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Share your story in a more in-depth fashion with a documentary. This deep-dive allows the viewer to understand you, your brand or your history in greater detail.

Types of Documentaries:

  • Company and organization history, tribute or anniversary.
  • Profile on a prominent individual
  • Profile on a specific team achievement
  • In-depth client testimonial
Covid Video production shoot

CAIR – Chicago


Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard

Behind the scenes, Ricketts Family

Why Have Documentaries?

Nowadays, people are used to consuming quick and digestible digital content. Most marketing agencies will stress that short-form content is better.

We don’t disagree, but there is a special element to long-form video content. Short-form or long-form documentaries can be a way for a viewer to get an even greater sense of what your organization is and what it stands for, it allows them to dive deeper into a specific person or achievement.

While short-form video content is good for branding or marketing initiatives, so are documentaries. Creating documentaries about a company, person within the company, or an organizational story or achievement provides a holistic brand story within your marketing approach.

Our Portfolio

We offer a range of video production services to deliver on your documentaries. Our goal is to make sure that each video accomplishes it’s intended goal. With documentaries, we will take a deep dive into the intended story and making sure that story is told. Are you interested in seeing our past work? At Salvi Media, we have produced a range of diverse video projects, including those with clients and our own unique originals.

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